Current Status Information Of Our Service

We understand that webmasters and bloggers are concerned about the stability, robustness and quality of our service. Every day we are asked how many registered users we have or how often the content of an RSSbox is refreshed (feed caching time).

Here are some current numbers:

Key Figures

In the table below you can find the latest key figures regarding our service. The numbers are updated every three hours.

last 24h last week last month
New Users 16 123 510
New Boxes 76 687 2974
Feed Age 72 minutes 29 minutes 31 minutes

Please be aware that "Feed Age" are the average ages of the feeds. This means if the average feed age is 30 min the "oldest" feeds have been updated about 1 hour ago. The most recent feed updates probably happened one minute ago.

Read more about the feed caching mechanism...

Registered Users

The following graph shows the development of our user base within the last three months. The number is rising steadily as you can see.

Delivered RSSboxes

The graph below shows the number of RSSboxes our system delivered each day in the last 90 days. The "M" stands for "million".