The Naked HTML Tutorial

Page 1 - How To Get Started

"Naked HTML" is one of our premium box types. It generates nicely structured HTML without CSS styles. It gives you the opportunity to style the box according to the colors and styles of your websites. In addition you can customize the HTML output by using a wide range of options when creating the box.

How to Start:
The first steps are easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Create this RSSbox" link below the "Naked HTML" description

Adding Input Feeds:

  1. The tab "Input Feeds" should be active now. Copy the url of the feed you want to display and paste it into the text field. Click the "Add Feed" button.
  2. You can actually add several feeds to a box. These feeds are mixed up and sorted by date.

Customize Layout and Styling of The Box:
In the next step please go to the tab "Content and Styling Options". A set of options enables you to change the HTML output. Although most of the options are self-explanatory we want to mention them here briefly:

  1. Set a box title or hide it entirely. Choose whether the box title should link back to the RSS feed.
  2. Select the preferred type of HTML structure for your box: A DIV-option and a TABLE-option are available. We recommend the -structure as it is much more flexible in combination with CSS.
  3. Set the maximum number of entries in the box.
  4. Decide whether the links in the box should be opened in a new or in the same browser window.
  5. Order the item articles either ascending or descending by date.
  6. You can arrange or hide the elements (Item Title, Item Description, Item Date) of the feed items.

Customize The Content of The Feed Items
If necessary you can change the content of the feed.

  1. The length of Item Title and Item Description can be truncated. If you actually use this option (value>0) our system removes all HTML from the text. This is due to technical reasons.
  2. If you want to remove HTML from the feed item description manually you can do this too. Just use the option "Strip HTML Formatting From Item Description".
  3. As our service is being used all over the world we had to take different time formats and timezones into account. You can select your preferred time format and your own timezone from a select box.

Include The Box in Your Website
You should now embed the box into your own HTML code in your website or blog. The styling part follows in the next step. Just open the "Include" tab in the box administration.

You will find three ways of including your box: JavaScript, PHP or Wordpress integration. If your webserver allows PHP we recommend PHP or Wordpress integration. The reason for this is that your benefit is greater as search engines can read content included with PHP (Wordpress uses PHP too)

Copy the appropriate code snippet and paste it into your HTML code...

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