The Naked HTML Tutorial

Page 2 - CSS-Basics

If you have followed the steps on page 1 you have already created a Naked HTML box. You should even have included it into your website or blog. The only step left is the styling of the box which is done by using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Although the most frequent questions concerning Naked HTML are somehow related to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) we are not trying to provide basic explanations for the CSS topic. The reason for this is that the topic is just too extensive and you will find lots of tutorials online for sure.

So if you don't know what CSS means, please have a look at this first or just google for "CSS".
If you need help when coding CSS try one of the following links:

Useful Tools For CSS Developing

Many web developers use tools (e.g. browser plugins) for being able to develop in a faster and easier way.

Firefox Users

If you're using Firefox for developing your website you might find Firebug very useful.
There is a nice video showing how Firebug can be used for CSS editing. And here's a tutorial for quick and easy CSS development with Firebug.

Internet Explorer Users

Those working with MS Internet Explorer please use the IE Developer Toolbar. Although it is not as good to use as Firebug it should do for the purpose of styling the RSSbox.

Ready To Style Your Box?

If yes, continue reading here...