How to Include an RSS Feed in Wordpress Blogs with version 2.8 or Greater

First, there are two different types of "Wordpress" blogs. 1) At you can create a user and start a blog without having to host a domain or webspace yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot use JavaScript or PHP there. 2) The second way to use Wordpress is to download a standalone system from Some webhosting companies even offer a pre-installed version of Wordpress in their packages.

Important: RSSboxes from our service only work in combination with the self-hosted version of Wordpress from, v. 2.8 or greater.

We provide a widget for Wordpress containing exactly what you need.

>> Download the widget here!

Be sure to have a Wordpress version that equals or is greater than 2.8. Lower versions are not supported!

1) Download the widget file from the link above and save it to your desktop (or whereever you want).

2) Open a new browser tab or window and go to your blog administration.

3) Click "Plugins" in the left menu, followed by "Add New".

4) Click the "Upload" link. An file upload form will be displayed. Browse to the ZIP-file you've just downloaded, select it and click the "Install now" button.

5) After having uploaded the widget-file it should appear in your list. Now you have to click the "activate" link below the plugin name.

6) In order to actually use the widget click the "Appearance" link in the left menu. Go to "Widgets" in the sub-menu. In the widget overview you should now find an " Sidebar Widget".

7) Drag the widget to the sidebar on the right (use drag&drop with your mouse just like on your desktop). An input form will pop up as soon as you have dropped the widget.

8) Open a new window (leave the blog administration opened) and go to Create an RSSbox that will fit into your blogs sidebar. In the end of the process you will get an include code. Select "Wordpress" in the radio box and copy the url which is displayed.

9) Switch back to your blog administration. Paste the url into the input field in the form. Click "Save".

10) Open your blogs frontend. The RSSbox should now be displayed in your blog. If it does not fit (dimensions, colors,...) just go back to and change the styling of your box.