How to Include a Flickr Photostream Into Your Website

If you have a Flickr Photostream or any other RSS based photostream you can include it in your website by using It's really easy. At first you need an RSS feed with pictures. Then you create a new picture box and style it the way you like. Finally, you will get a piece of Javascript or PHP code to paste into your HTML code.

1) Find the appropriate URL

Basically, there are two types of Flickr feeds. One is search or tag related, the other one is user related. If you want to include all pictures with mountains on them in your website please choose a tag related feed. If you want to embed the famous pictures of a certain photographer you need a user related feed.

Tag and search related feeds

Use the following url as a base for your own feed requests:
You can replace "mountains" with any other tag used at Flickr.

If you want to use more than one tag please use this syntax:,birds&format=rss_200

User related feeds

User related feeds are the photostreams of Photographers.

You find the Url of the RSS feed like this:

  • Browse to a Flickr Account like Joshua Cripps' or your own (try this for example)
  • Your browser should now show you a feed icon in the address bar.
  • Click it and copy the URL of the feed.

You should get an Url like this:

2) Use the "Picture Box" template

Once having chosen an appropriate Flickr feed url you can continue by creating a Picture Box.

Please be aware that the Picture Box is one of our premium templates. If you want to try it please activate your free 7-days trial period. Once a premium or premium trial user you can follow these steps:

  • To create a Picture box please browse to Create new Box
  • Choose the template "Picture Box", you will enter the box administration area
  • In the tab "Input Feeds" you need to add your Flickr feed url to the RSSbox.
  • The tab "Content and Styling Options" let's you change the styling settings of the RSSbox

3) Embed the Flickr Pictures

In your box administration you will find a tab called "Include". It contains a set of options like "Javascript", "PHP", "Wordpress" and so on.

  • Depending on your needs you should now select one of these options.
  • The system will now provide a code snippet for you. Copy the code and paste it into your website HTML code.
  • Open your website in a web browser and have a look at your creation. It could look like this: