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Where should I paste the code which I get from your service?

Just copy the code and paste it into your HTML document. The code will be replaced with your RSSbox when viewing the document in a browser. The code has to be inside the BODY tag to be displayed correctly.

I know that there are new news in the RSS feed I use, but the RSSbox did not update. Why?

Depending on server load our system caches the XML feeds for up to 60 minutes before fetching them again. So e.g. if you post a new message to your weblog and there is an RSSbox which displays your blogs RSS feed, it can take up to 60 minutes till the new entry shows up in the box.

Javascript integration - advantages and downsides

Javascript integration is for sure the easiest way to get fresh content for your website. Most visitors will be able to view the RSSbox without problems, but there are two downsides: 1. Surfers with Javascript disabled will not see the RSSbox. 2. Search engine spiders will not see the RSSbox, also ignoring alle the juicy, fresh content it adds to your website daily. The only alternative is PHP (server side) integration.

SEO - Which integration method should I use?

An RSSbox added to your website using Javascript integration is visible for your human visitors, but not for search engine spiders like Googlebot. If you need a SEO-friendly RSSbox, please use the PHP integration. The URL displayed in die PHP snippet can also be used to read the RSSbox in any other server side programming language which allows reading files via http.

My exisiting website is HTML. How can I use the PHP integration?

If your existing website is hand-made (Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc.) and consists of pages with .html-extension you can still use the PHP method without renaming your pages. Most webservers can be forced to parse HTML-files for PHP code by adding some simple lines to a file called .htaccess. 

Please read our blog about this topic first. Furthermore, these features are well documented, please follow this Google link:

I'm getting an error when using the PHP code. What can I do?

Some of our users get error messages on their websites when trying to use the PHP integration code. They look like this: "Warning readfile(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in [file]". Basically, it means that your provider does not allow your scripts to load files from the web via PHP and HTTP into your website. So what can you do then?
First you can should try to persuade your provider to enable URL file-acces for your webhost.
If the provider is not willing to do so you can try a workaround by using CURL:
You will find lots of tutorials and examples on Google:
If CURL does not work in your case you can still use Javascript integration. However, from the search-engine-optimization point of view Javascript integration is not recommended.

I use Perl, Python, JSP, ASP etc. Can I use this service?

Sure. If you use any of the proramming languages above you probably know how to read external files via http. Create your RSSbox and choose PHP integration for the include snippet. Take the URL inside the readfile() statement and grab the RSSbox html using your programming language. 

The RSSbox shows strange characters when I add a feed. Why is that?

It's likely that the feed you added has no character set defined and is encoded in a character set different than UTF-8. If you are able to change the feed source code you should define the character set so our service and all the feed readers out there know your encoding. If it's not your own feed but somebody else's you can change the character set in the feed settings of your box administration. Read more about that here.

My RSSbox shows strange characters when included in my website. Why is that?

It seems that the character encoding of your website and the character encoding of the RSSbox are not the same. By default, our service uses the UTF-8 character set to encode the RSSboxes. If your website is encoded in a different character set, please change the "Charset" setting in your box administrations. Find details about character encoding here.

I want to include an RSSbox in my SSL/HTTPS website. How can I do that?

Please have a look at this blog article.