Missing Features & Technical Support

I am sure you forgot feature X, where is it? Where?

Modification and adaption of an RSSbox is pretty straightforward. If you can't find a feature or a layout option there is a good chance that we just did not add it till now. You can always request features through our contact form and we will consider your suggestion for future releases. Please keep in mind that our service is provided "as is" and we can not add new things on a daily basis.

Help! I need technical support, please!

We will try to answer most question through this page or in greater detail in our blog. If you still have a question, please use our contact form. If you need technical support on a higher level or a tailored RSS solution for your website, please contact us.

If you have a premium subscription for our service, please login before using the contact form. Premium requests will always be pushed to the front of our mail queue.

Great service! Can I appoint you as my heir? Donate my yacht? Pay your bills?

Thanks for the praise. If you think our service is great please consider upgrading to a premium subscription, which will give you lots of additional functionality. If you are premium already: Thanks a lot for your support!

Can I add date and time to my RSSbox?

Yes, you can add date and time. Please read this blog article about it.

My RSSbox shows a date from 1970. Why is that?

The feed items in your feed source code do not contain any date information. However, our service needs to know a precise date to show it in your RSSbox. Please read this blog article to find out more.

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