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Stealth Radar Shield™

The Stealth Radar Shield is a unique device developed using advanced radar-absorbing and stealth...

Samsung UN40J5200AF 40" LED TV

Samsung UN40J5200AF - 40" Class LED TV - Smart TV - 1080p (Full HD)

Fast Mount Support Bracket Size: 22.5" x 1.5" x 0.56"

22", Galvanized Steel Double Shelf Bracket With Fold Out Support For Heavy Duty Loads, Load Test...

Samsung UN60J6200AF J6200 Series - 60" LED TV

Samsung UN60J6200AF - 60" Class - J6200 Series LED TV - Smart TV - 1080p (Full HD)

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Here's what happened when that security robot drowned

By now you've probably heard of that security robot that fell into a fountain in Washington, DC-- it's practically the stuff of legend as far as the internet is concerned. But what really happened on that tragic day? We're starting to get a clearer...

Watch the nostalgic trailer for Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'

After no shortage of hype, Warner Bros. is finally ready to show what Steven Spielberg's take on Ready Player One is all about. The studio has released the first trailer for the adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel, and it's clear that the flick is p...

Pokémon Go Fest attendees to get refunds as technical issues break the event

 Heading into Niantic’s Pokémon Go Fest — a gathering of roughly 20,000 Pokémon Go players in Chicago’s Grant Park — everyone seemed to have the same concern: the weather reports said a thunder storm was coming. The weather turned out fine. Mo...

UK drone rules will require you to take safety tests

US officials might be easing up on drone regulations, but their UK counterparts are pushing forward. The British government has instituted rules that require you to not only register any robotic aircraft weighing over 250g (0.55lbs), but to take a ...

ASUS ROG Zephyrus review: Gaming laptops will never be the same again

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is an entirely new breed of gaming notebook. It packs in the most powerful laptop graphics hardware on the market, NVIDIA's GTX 1080, in a frame that's almost half the size of similar machines. Mostly, that's due to being one ...

VCs love insurance, even if you don’t

 At first blush it may seem like insurance and venture capital make an odd couple. Venture capital is all about taking big risks for the potential of even bigger payouts down the road, while insurance is all about quantifying and mitigating ri...

Recommended Reading: Instagram's influence on restaurants

Instagram Is Pushing Restaurants to Be Kitschy, Colorful and Irresistible to Photographers Casey Newton, The Verge It's no secret that Instagram is full of brunch pics and food porn, but restaurants have noticed the trend. The Verge details how fo...

What it’s like to ship yourself overnight on Cabin’s sleep pod bus

 Last weekend, I traveled from San Francisco to Los Angeles roundtrip on Cabin. When I arrived to the bus pickup location in San Francisco, a smiley attendant greeted me. She then proceeded to check me in and stow away my bag. Upon entering th...

German energy company wants to build flow batteries in old natural gas caverns

Research for a massive redox flow battery is underway.

Why are so many pre-existing IPs turning to TV? It’s complicated

At ATX Television Fest, execs discuss why familiar franchises keep hitting small screens.

Hobbyist developers will make $30 million via 'Roblox' this year

Roblox has exploded over the past two years. It's not quite a game and not quite a development platform, allowing players to boot up millions of user-made projects, or create their own games and immediately publish them across all supported platfor...

You still cannot vape on US inbound, outbound flights

Statute barring smoking "covers these devices," divided federal appeals court says.

Teleportation is murder: Old trope gets new twist in The Punch Escrow

Already optioned for film, this smart, hard sci-fi thriller checks off a lot of boxes.

Human liver cells seeded in mouse expands 50-fold to functional organoid

Scientists work out the cellular assembly for seeding a whole new organ.

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. We'll take a look back at some of the big stories from earlier this week, plus key updates like NASA's tips for viewing a solar eclipse.

Family of dead AlphaBay suspect says he was a “good boy”

Alexandre Cazes, 26, also apparently spent a lot of time in a "pickup artist" forum.

Strava's new Premium perks will insure your phone while you ride

Strava makes a popular tracking app for workout warriors, however many cyclists have questions about whether its $60 per year (or $8 per month) Premium package is worth the cost. Features already include personalized feedback, analysis and more, bu...

'Minecraft' novel by 'World War Z' author is now available

As strange as it sounds, Minecraft got the novelization treatment, and the final product is now out for purchase. The good news is that the Mojang team put Microsoft's millions to good use by commissioning Max Brooks, author of the apocalyptic zomb...