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MCHammer: Touchdownnnnnnn Raiders !!! #RaiderNation

12/17/17 8:03 pm

MCHammer: RT @CityDemSF: Only in SF, folks.

12/17/17 7:40 pm

MCHammer: Mack Attack !!!! #RaiderNation

12/17/17 7:32 pm

MCHammer: Touchdownnnnnnnnn Raiders !!!! #RaidersNation

12/17/17 7:16 pm

WilliamShatner: @RealHughJackman So if Disney buys Fox does that make Wolverine a Disney Princess 👑? #askingforafriend 😝

12/17/17 7:14 pm

WilliamShatner: I’m thinking “Bill’s Soylent Spices...taste like Grandma!” 😝

12/17/17 7:08 pm

WilliamShatner: 🙄

12/17/17 7:06 pm

WilliamShatner: It’s in Burbank, California but we have folks attend from all over the world.

12/17/17 7:06 pm

WilliamShatner: 🤔 Wondering if I want to go to the UK anytime soon?

12/17/17 7:05 pm

WilliamShatner: Thank you to the firefighters that are still battling this blaze. Stay safe! ❤️

12/17/17 6:57 pm

WilliamShatner: I think each person is allowed themselves and 2 others. Though if you are bringing Groan we can allocate up to 5 fo…

12/17/17 6:54 pm

WilliamShatner: 😱👇🏻

12/17/17 6:52 pm

WilliamShatner: It probably won’t go up until Jan. The weekend is June 1-3, 2018 and I think there are 70 odd spaces available

12/17/17 6:46 pm

WilliamShatner: Terry was rooting for the Patriots on Monday.

12/17/17 6:19 pm

MCHammer: RT @Teamgrindcity1: #SupportforSupport Beautiful Day in San Francisco paying my respect at Mayor Ed Lee’s Memorial Service. Rest In Peace m…

12/17/17 5:40 pm

MCHammer: RT @djkingassassin: Beautiful Day in San Francisco paying my respect at Mayor Ed Lee’s Memorial Service. Rest In Peace my Friend.🙏🏿 #Mayor…

12/17/17 5:40 pm

MCHammer: Beautiful Day in San Francisco paying my respect at Mayor Ed Lee’s Memorial Service. Rest In Peace my Friend.🙏🏿…

12/17/17 4:43 pm

WilliamShatner: Yes it is terrible behavior.

12/17/17 2:36 pm

WilliamShatner: It is a wonderful testament to their acting talents but a handful take it too far.

12/17/17 2:32 pm

WilliamShatner: Most fans have common sense to know they play husband & wife on TV only. It’s just the handful of obsessive types…

12/17/17 2:30 pm

WilliamShatner: Why can’t I have this as an emoji? This is what I have to do now: 👉🏻💫🤪

12/17/17 2:25 pm

WilliamShatner: I just wonder what happens when one of the gets married. 🙄 All I hear about is how a studio pays people millions to…

12/17/17 2:23 pm

WilliamShatner: BTW 👇🏻

12/17/17 2:20 pm

WilliamShatner: Yes it is.

12/17/17 2:19 pm

WilliamShatner: Peyton is a name that comes to mind; Mackenzie’s brother. Sam’s sister in law that the flutist tried to friend... a…

12/17/17 2:19 pm

WilliamShatner: They do. The problem is that the trolls dogpile and silence people. They shame them under the guise of betraying a…

12/17/17 2:13 pm

WilliamShatner: I don’t feel shamed. That’s the typical methodology used by shipper trolls to silence people (but you wouldn’t know…

12/17/17 2:11 pm

WilliamShatner: Of course. 😉

12/17/17 2:03 pm

WilliamShatner: This is called the shipper shut up shaming method.👇🏻 🤔 So let me get this straight... you follow their friends too?…

12/17/17 2:03 pm

WilliamShatner: The nasty frog played by the nasty housewife?

12/17/17 1:56 pm

WilliamShatner: The people.

12/17/17 1:55 pm

WilliamShatner: No. We were going to go to India for #BetterLateThanNever but then scheduling bumped Production until the summer so…

12/17/17 1:54 pm

WilliamShatner: It’s a marathon not a dash. #WPMOYChallenge + Olsen Also it’s per tweet not per mention that counts.

12/17/17 1:53 pm

WilliamShatner: We filmed in South Africa.

12/17/17 1:50 pm

WilliamShatner: I asked your opinion because you claim you are not a shipper. So your beliefs (which btw, you haven’t yet answered)…

12/17/17 1:43 pm

WilliamShatner: That’s all well & good but the troll shipper brigade of Outlander has made it their business to investigate, Fox an…

12/17/17 1:42 pm

yokoono: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – John Lennon. #ImagineNoHunger by supporting #Hungerthon:…

12/17/17 1:00 pm

WilliamShatner: 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just protecting a friend from vicious fans.

12/17/17 12:05 pm

WilliamShatner: And good luck in the car purchase!

12/17/17 12:04 pm

WilliamShatner: Let’s just prove this: In your opinion are Sam & Caitriona dating? Yes or no?

12/17/17 12:04 pm

WilliamShatner: And there’s further proof of Thistle’s rep. 🤷🏼‍♂️

12/17/17 11:53 am

jimmycarr: Hello Brixton. I'm back at the O2 Academy this evening.

12/17/17 11:53 am

WilliamShatner: Just run down your follow list to see how many shipper trolls you follow, RT & reply to. They run about a 1/2 size…

12/17/17 11:52 am

WilliamShatner: @QuntumEntanglr @loveandsnuggles @petris32 The issue was that some folks saw verified status as a reward when the p…

12/17/17 11:42 am

WilliamShatner: Aww a shipper troll comes to defend the SS Titanic. 🙄 You should also try and find the same Audi vehicle photo Sam…

12/17/17 11:36 am

WilliamShatner: #famewhores 😝🤣

12/17/17 9:25 am

WilliamShatner: The troll union would virtue signal they were being unfairly misrepresented.

12/17/17 9:24 am

WilliamShatner: Nobody takes them seriously after they gave that guy nuggets for life! 😤

12/17/17 9:23 am

WilliamShatner: I gave him a block. That was free of charge. 😳

12/17/17 9:20 am

WilliamShatner: #secretsrevealed

12/17/17 9:20 am