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Simple as can be! That's the good old box type "Simple Vertical List".
You can change the following content and styling settings:

General Options

  • Box Title (just be creative...)
  • Max. Number of Entries (Free users are limited, premium users are unlimited)
  • Sort Articles (ascending or descending in terms of publishing date)

General Layout Options

  • Width of Box
  • Height of Box (optional, standard value is auto-height)
  • Padding Around Items

General News Item Options

  • Open Links in New Window (yes or no)
  • Remove HTML Formatting (this is sometimes very helpful, especially when the feed contains strange HTML-tags or CSS-styles)
  • Max. Length of Item Title (optional, can be activated if titles are very long or when the lengths differ very often)
  • Max. Length of Item Description (optional, same as above. If this option is activated, our tool automatically removes all HTML-tags from the description for technical reasons)

Font Options

  • Font-Family
  • Box Title Size (px)
  • Item Title Size (px)
  • Item Description Size (px)

Text Colors

  • Box Title Color (HEX)
  • Item Title Color (HEX)
  • Item Description Color (HEX)

Background Colors

  • Box Title Background (HEX)
  • Item Background (HEX)

Borders and Separations Lines

  • Box Border (px)
  • Box Border Color (HEX)
  • Separation Lines (px)
  • Separation Line Color (HEX)


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