FAQs, Examples, Support

Please check the following FAQs and hints before using our contact form.

General FAQs

Our RSSinclude service is quite simple, but there may still be some unclear functions or unanswered questions. The next sections probably provide the information you need. If not, please leave us a note.

Feed Caching And Updating

Why does it take a while until my new feed content is shown in my RSSbox?
How long does it take? Is this really necessary?
Can the cache be cleared instantly too?

Please visit our Feed Caching Mechanism page to learn more.

Styling and integration to popular services

Sometimes we get requests concerning the implementation of RSSboxes in blog systems like Wordpress or Blogger.com. As a consequence we have put together two tutorials for these blogging systems. Moreover, we wrote a tutorial on how to style the "Naked HTML" box template. Enjoy!

- How to style a Naked HTML box with CSS

- How to include an RSS feed in blogs at Blogger.com / Blogspot

- How to include an RSS feed in Wordpress blogs (self-hosted, v.2.8 or greater)

Examples of our RSSbox-Types

We offer several types of RSSboxes. They differ in terms of layout, design and content options. Have a quick look at the following links to discover what our service is able to do.

Basic Box-Types

Simple Vertical List
The classic one. It shows a feed in a vertical list. Change colors and dimensions as you like. This type of RSSbox fits bests for news feeds. Learn more »

Optimized for Twitter feeds. You can set box dimensions, colors, timezone, date format, handling of the username... Examples »

iPhone Box
Make an iPhone version of your website by using your news feed. Free users are limited to 5 entries. Examples »

Simple Tabloid (2 x 2)
With this free version you can create a 2x2-Tabloid with a fixed width of 480px. Examples »

Simple Ticker Box
The ticker box switches through the items of your rss feed in a news ticker kind of way.
Examples »

Extended Box-Types

Tabloid Extended
Looks just like a newspaper website. Tabloid Extended is the more flexible version of our Tabloid layout. You can choose the number of rows and columns yourself. Width and height can be edited easily so you can fit it into your website or blog. Examples »

Extended Ticker Box
More options. More transition styles. Arrange item elements. Configure this ticker box the way you want. You can even set the transition delay and its duration.
Examples »

Youtube Box
Include videos from YouTube.com feeds - it displays the Youtube player only, no description text. Works with: Channel feeds, Search feeds, Category feeds,... Please note: Template does not work with Youtube's blog feed!
Examples »

Naked HTML |  for experienced users
No nudity here! This RSSbox delivers pure HTML only. You can choose between TABLE- and DIV-structure. Each element contains a CSS classname that you can style in your own CSS files.
Examples »
Tutorial »

Picture Box
Include photos from picture feeds like Flickr, Picasa, your own blog or even Google News.
Examples »