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'Disappointing day:' Paul Ryan accepts it's over

House Speaker Paul Ryan conceded the biggest defeat of his political career Friday: Republicans have failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Khalid Masood: Sporty teen to extremist killer

Khalid Masood, the man responsible for the worst terrorist attack in London in over a decade, kept to himself in recent years, neighbors say. But he had a checkered past involving a series of aliases ...

Didn't have the votes: Republicans pull bill to replace Obamacare

Republicans are careening toward a House vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare in a moment that has huge implications for Donald Trump's presidency and the GOP's hopes of enacting an agenda that w...

6 years ago Arab Spring came to Egypt -- and Mubarak fell

There were two constants in Egypt on January 24, 2011; the flow of the Nile and President Hosni Mubarak would die in office. The 30-year rule of Egypt's "Modern Pharaoh" appeared to be secure, shored ...

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South Korea Finds Qualcomm Prevented Samsung From Selling Its Exynos Processors

According to the South Korea Trade Commission (SKTC), Qualcomm prevented Samsung from selling its Exynos processors to various third-party phone manufacturers. "The Commission's report claims that Qualcomm abused its standard-essential patents -- which define technical standards like Wi-Fi and 4G -- to prevent Samsung from selling its modems, integrated processors, and other chips to smartphone makers like LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others," reports Digital Trends. "The Commission reportedly threatened to file suit against Samsung, which had agreed to license the patents for an undisclosed sum, if the South Korean electronics maker began competing against it in the mobile market." From the report: That bullying ran afoul of the South Korea Trade Commission's rules, which require that standard-essential patents be licensed on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. "Samsung Electronics has been blocked from selling its modem chips to other smartphone manufacturers due to a license deal it signed with Qualcomm," the commissioners wrote. The report provides legal justification for the $853 million fine the SKTC placed on Qualcomm in December for "anti-competitive practices." Qualcomm intends to appeal. "[We] strongly disagree with the KFTC's announced decision, which Qualcomm believes is inconsistent with the facts and the law, reflects a flawed process, and represents a violation of due process rights owed American companies" under an applicable agreement between the U.S. and South Korea.

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FedEx Will Pay You $5 To Install Flash

FedEx's Office Print department is offering customers $5 to enable Adobe Flash in their browsers. Why would they do such a thing you may ask? It's because they want customers to design posters, signs, manuals, banners and promotional agents using their "web-based config-o-tronic widgets," which requires Adobe Flash. The Register reports: But the web-based config-o-tronic widgets that let you whip and order those masterpieces requires Adobe Flash, the enemy of anyone interested in security and browser stability. And by anyone we mean Google, which with Chrome 56 will only load Flash if users say they want to use it, and Microsoft which will stop supporting Flash in its Edge browser when the Windows 10 Creators Update debuts. Mozilla's Firefox will still run Flash, but not for long. The impact of all that Flash hate is clearly that people are showing up at FedEx Office Print without the putrid plug-in. But seeing as they can't use the service without it, FedEx has to make the offer depicted above or visible online here. That page offers a link to download Flash, which is both a good and a bad idea. The good is that the link goes to the latest version of Flash, which includes years' worth of bug fixes. The bad is that Flash has needed bug fixes for years and a steady drip of newly-detected problems means there's no guarantee the software's woes have ended. Scoring yourself a $5 discount could therefore cost you plenty in future.

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Judge: eBay Can't Be Sued Over Seller Accused of Patent Infringement

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: It's game over for an Alabama man who claims his patent on "Carpenter Bee Traps" is being infringed by competing products on eBay. Robert Blazer filed his lawsuit in 2015, saying that his U.S. Patent No. 8,375,624 was being infringed by a variety of products being sold on eBay. Blazer believed the online sales platform should have to pay him damages for infringing his patent. A patent can be infringed when someone sells or "offers to sell" a patented invention. At first, Blazer went through eBay's official channels for reporting infringement, filing a "Notice of Claimed Infringement," or NOCI. At that point, his patent hadn't even been issued yet and was still a pending application, so eBay told him to get back in touch if his patent was granted. On February 19, 2013, Blazer got his patent and ultimately sent multiple NOCI forms to eBay. However, eBay wouldn't take down any items, in keeping with its policy of responding to court orders of infringement and not mere allegations of infringement. In 2015, Blazer sued, saying that eBay had directly infringed his patent and also "induced" others to infringe. That lawsuit can't move forward, following an opinion (PDF) published this week by U.S. District Judge Karon Bowdre. The judge found that eBay lacked any knowledge of actual infringement and rejected Blazer's argument that eBay was "willfully blind" to infringement of Blazer's patent. The opinion was first reported yesterday by The Recorder (registration required).

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How Noisy Is Your Neighborhood? Now There's A Map For That

An anonymous reader share an NPR article: There's no denying it: Los Angeles isn't exactly gentle on the ears. That's one lesson, at least, from a comprehensive noise map created by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. On the interactive U.S. map the agency released this week, which depicts data on noise produced primarily by airports and interstate highways, few spots glare with such deep and angry color as the City of Angels. Blame the area's handful of major airports and its legendary snarls of traffic -- ranked this year as the worst in the nation.

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AMC Plans Ad-Free Streaming Service

An anonymous reader shares a Fortune report: AMC Networks, whose shows include The Walking Dead, is planning to launch a commercial-free online video streaming service aimed at millennial TV subscribers, two sources familiar with the situation told Reuters this week. Unlike standalone streaming options from Time Warner's HBO and from CBS, AMC's would be exclusively available to consumers who subscribe to a cable TV package. AMC is doing this, the sources said, as a way to support the traditional cable television industry at a time when many younger consumers are increasingly cutting the cord. AMC is discussing featuring digital-only spinoff shows of its existing programs like The Walking Dead and is considering pricing between $4.99 to $6.99 a month, according to the sources, who cautioned final details are still being worked out.

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美共和黨突撤醫療法案不表決 外界稱特朗普內政遇挫折


博鰲論壇谷一帶一路 概念股大漲

HKET_20170325_A09_01_a.jpg 【經濟日報專訊】海南博鰲亞洲論壇今日(25日)開幕,國務院副總理張高麗將發表主題演講。而論壇秘書長周文重稱,一帶一路是中國版全球化。而央企也在加快布局,一帶一路板塊昨日爆發大升,帶動上證綜合指數升至近4個月收市新高 ...


【星島日報報道】兩岸關係持續低迷之際,台灣展開「掃蕩」東沙海域專項行動,以維護「主權」,日前首次扣押一艘香港註冊漁船,及包括船長在內的二十名大陸船員,並押解至高雄繼續調查。這些船員會否被起訴判刑,備受關注。  綜合台媒體報道,高雄市地檢署聲稱,接獲海巡部門報告,指近期有不少「外籍」漁船越界到台灣控制的東沙島海域捕魚,決定展開「東沙海域威力掃蕩」行動。 ...


【星島日報報道】中共中央政治局常委、國務院副總理張高麗昨日在海南博鰲會見出席博鰲亞洲論壇二○一七年年會的中外企業家,他表示,中國經濟發展已經進入新常態,中國經濟韌性好、潛力足、餘地大,我們對中國經濟未來充滿信心。  張高麗指出,中國經濟長期向好的基本面沒有改變。二○一六年,中國GDP增長百分之六點七,對全球經濟增長的貢獻率超過三成。 ...


【星島日報報道】英國國會大廈外周三發生恐怖襲擊之際,首相文翠珊所處位置距離疑兇馬蘇德不到一百米,形勢十分驚險。文翠珊當時在保鏢護送下驚慌失措離開國會大廈的畫面,被傳媒曝光。《太陽報》取得的影片顯示,保鏢匆忙護送文翠珊奔向防彈車,其中一名保鏢還要求她「快進車廂里」。畫面顯示文翠珊一度失去方向,經旁人指引,她才走回就在幕僚身旁的那部車。文翠珊上車後,車隊便高速開往唐寧街首相府。 ...

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