"Embed RSS" Button

Let others include your feed in their website or blog.

Let's say you've got a blog. And let's say you want more people to read your blog. Why don't you try to make other bloggers include your content then?

It is a true win-win-situation:

  • Other bloggers can use your content to enrich their website.
  • You get backlinks to your blog in return.
  • As a consequence you attract more readers.
  • Search engines follow these links as well which means better ranking for your blog.

How does the link work?

You have to make it as easy as possible for people to include your feed in their website. This is where rssinclude.com comes into play. Just set up a link to rssinclude.com having your feed URL as a parameter. Whoever clicks the link can create an RSSbox with your feed for embedding it into a website or blog.

How does the link look like?

1) The plain link can be used everwhere, like here for example.
2) The image link looks like this:

Create RSSbox

1) Generate an "Embed RSS" link by using this form

Copy & paste your feed URL in the following text field and click the "Generate" button. A plain URL and a HTML link will be generated. Copy them into your blog or website..

2) Generate "Embed RSS" links dynamically

Some people might have more than one feeds to manage on their website. For those we want to explain how to generate "Embed RSS" links dynamically.

The actual link to rssinclude.com has to look like this:

You have to replace {feedURL} with the URL of the feed you want to be embedded by others. Please note that this {feedURL} must be URL-encoded!

Given you are using a script language like PHP for writing your HTML, the following example will explain pretty much everything to you:

$feedurls = array(
foreach ($feedurls as $url){
	echo 'http://www.rssinclude.com/create_rssbox/use?feed='.rawurlencode($url);