7th day after launch - a summary

2009-04-17 | Category: General (47)

It's Friday and we are in love! In love with this project that evolved much better during it's first days than we expected. Here is what happened during the last 192 hours:

  • 543 unique visitors made 864 visits to our new site (not much at first glance)
  • These visitors made 6070 pageviews resulting in 7.03 pageviews per visits
  • 221 visitors signed up and confirmed their user account. Thats about 40% of visitors!
  • 826 new RSSboxes were created, 538 of them by registered users
  • RSSboxes delivered per day (counted from registered users only):
    2009-04-10: 379
    2009-04-11: 938
    2009-04-12: 1012
    2009-04-13: 2860
    2009-04-14: 4288
    2009-04-15: 9971
    2009-04-16: 17295

This is far from our 4 years old project rss-info.com, which serves about 1.000.000 feeds per day now, but we still have 1453 days left to grow. The numbers are promising and the server runs smooth and stable. We even had some Premium Upgrades, thanks a lot! There are still some problems, especially the time lag while refreshing a feed after a cache miss, but we are working on them daily.

Case Study: Harbor Ridge Middle School

2009-04-16 | Category: Case Studies (5)

The first case study in a (hopefully never-ending) series of smart ways to use an RSSbox shows a screenshot of Harbor Ridge Middle School.

The RSSbox is used to embed upcoming event information into the homepage of the school's website. Matching colors and separation lines and a styled wrapper around the RSSbox integrate into the page in a nearly seamless way.

Links to several schools in the Peninsula School District that use an RSSbox:

If you want your website mentioned here, please use our contact form to send your URL and a short description.

Playing for Change @ YouTube

2009-04-15 | Category: Feeds we like (3)

Playing For Change is a movement to connect the world through music. Find some songs from the upcoming documentary DVD release on their YouTube channel.

PlayingForChange @ YouTube

Discover More PFC. Become A Member | Playing For Change

Become a Member: http://bit.ly/2BZyPfK As a member you'll be the first to see our new series of Songs Around The World as well as receive access to exclusive content, free music and video...
Views: 13665
380 ratings
Time: 00:55 More in Music

Skin Deep featuring Buddy Guy | Playing For Change | Song Across America

From our new album, Listen to the Music (out 4.20.18), pre-order now: http://bit.ly/2EA9wE8 Playing For Change and Buddy Guy united to record and film his anthem, “Skin Deep” across America....
Views: 94968
3337 ratings
Time: 05:33 More in Music

"Listen to the Music" Album and Video Series Trailer | Playing For Change

Pre-order our new album, Listen to the Music (out 4.20.18): http://bit.ly/2EA9wE8 We are excited to announce 'Listen to the Music' - our new Songs Around The World album (available April 20th,...
Views: 35048
871 ratings
Time: 01:01 More in Music

First day with more than 50 new users!

2009-04-14 | Category: General (47)

Hooray! The last 24 hours were the first with more than 50 signups. A friendly Welcome! to every new user. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way!

Help & Support page added

2009-04-08 | Category: General (47)

We compiled some of the most-asked questions from our old project www.rss-info.com into a (long) list and put it online under Help & Support.

If you need any information around our service, please browse through this page. Chances are good that you will find the answer there. Please note that we are still developing and rssinclude.com changes daily.

For some of the more complicated topics (e.g using .htacces to force the web server to handle .html as .php) we will create in-depth notes and tutorials soon.

So if you've got a questions that cries for a step-by-step instruction, drop me a note.

rssinclude.com is live (but nobody knows!)

2009-04-04 | Category: General (47)

After some weeks of programming, testing (not enough weeks, probably) and adding new features we decided to bring rssinclude.com live today.

Right now we are using various RSSboxes in more and more of our own projects, testing the reliability of the servers and system this way.

Googlebot already knows of this domains, so it should be only a matter of days till the first real users drop in and start using our new service. After a fair amount of more testing we will start to advertise rssinclude.com on our old project www.rss-info.com