Provide an RSS-to-HTML Link For Your Visitors

2009-09-03 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Do you want your website visitors to include your own feed into their websites and blogs? Now you can provide a link on your website which lets others create an RSSbox with your feed straight away.

How it works...

1. Open this page and generate a link containing your feed url.

2. Put the link on your website (or whereever you want...)

3. A visitor on your page clicks the link and will be directed to Your feed is predefined in the box which the visitor creates subsequently. The visitor puts your feed on his website.


Please send us your feedback if you use this feature. Don't forget to enclose the url of your website so we can see how you have implemented the RSS-To-HTML link. Perhaps we can write a blog about your case then :)

New Features All Over The Place!

2009-08-21 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We had quite a few updates lately. They contained a lot of enhancements and new features for you:

Copy Your RSSboxes And Save Time

Premium users can copy their own RSSboxes now by clicking the "Duplicate" link in "My RSSboxes". This helps a lot when creating several boxes in the same design and layout. This feature saves premium users a lot of time!

Arrange Item Elements in Naked HTML Box

Premium users frequently told us their need to set the exact order and visibility of the feed elements (item title, item description, item date) shown in their "Naked HTML" box. No more waiting! We have enhanced the box according to your wishes. Just have a look at the "Content and Styling Options" in your "Naked HTML" box administration.

Faster Updating Of Feed Contents

Furthermore, we adjusted the way our caching mechanism works to ensure the best possible service for premium users. The RSSboxes of premium users are now updated faster than those of free users. Premium users can even update their feeds manually now when they are logged in at their account.

User-Friendly Box Management

For our heavy users we have enhanced the box overview which you find on the "My RSSboxes" page. We have implemented a search and filter form. Additionally, you can browse your boxes by using the paging feature.

Feed Backlink

Another new feature concerns all users: Everybody can use the option "Box Title Links Back to RSS Feed" now. If the option is checked the title of the box links back to the feed url which is specified in the feed XML itself.

Do you want to use all features of If yes, please upgrade here.

Feed Updates Way Faster For Premium Users

2009-08-18 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Since we have implemented a new kind of feed updating mechanism using distributed servers the average feed updating time has become much shorter for premium users. We strive for a shorter caching time for our premium users as this is what most of them look for. Here are some recent key figures:

Premium feeds are updated every 30 min at the moment. So the average feed age of premium feeds is about 15 min.

Free users feeds are updated every 90 min at the moment. The average feed age of free feeds is fluctuating around 40-45 min.

Radio Station Uses Content From

2009-08-17 | Category: Case Studies (5), Feeds we like (3)

We love to see how our service is used out there. Have a look at the website for example and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you can find three RSSboxes.

The Kansas City radio station KPRS uses to provide current topics concerning R&B/Soul music and DVDs. Content from is dragged to the KPRS website via Which is quite a good idea! Because is known for having fresh content with high quality. has lots of different topic categories. So if you are looking for fresh content for your website just try it... We did so too and included the feed concerning the topic "Radio" in this blog:

Casey Kasem Issue Inspires New California Law

05/30/14 4:17 am

On the heels of Casey Kasem's wife, Jean, being required to appear in court today the state of California is working towards protecting the rights of children to ...

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College Radio Station Raises Funds with Genitals

05/28/14 10:53 am

Here's an amusing story out of San Luis Obispo, home of California Polytechnic State University and that institution's non-profit, student-run radio station.

According to two hosts on KCPR-FM promised pics of their genitals and rectums to people who pledged $20 dollars during their April fundraiser. It had to be cash, by the way.

The hosts had a show called Getting It In which covered various sexual topics. I'm sure you won't be too surprised that the hosts were pulled, the show is gone, and nobody in any department at the University seems to want to comment on it.

KCPR-FM is available locally at 91.3 and through the Internet by visiting the listen page. down due to DDoS attack

2009-08-11 | Category: General (47)

The website was down most of the time during about 6 hours today. The delivery of RSSboxes was also affected in some periods within this timeframe.

Since we assumed at first that this downtime could be self-induced and a follow-up bug of yesterdays update we started to search the problem on the wrong end.

Soon it became clear that our system was under an on-going Distributed Denial of Service attack that grounded our service. This has been a planned attack and we are working hard to fully resolve this issue.

Right now all systems are back up to normal operation.

I want to apologize for what is a critical failure in our service to you and your clients.

on behalf of the team

Mixed up contents of RSSboxes - some background information

2009-08-10 | Category: General (47)

Due to the rising number of users on we had to think over the feed update strategy during the last weeks. As a result we updated our system today to crawl the feeds through a small cluster of distributed servers.

Unfortunately a minor programming error had a major impact on one of these crawling servers which was setup with a slightly different system configuration. This server started to return wrong content for the feeds it was responsible for.

The problem was solved within a few hours and only a small amount of RSSboxes were hit by this bug at all.

We apologize deeply for any troubles this may have caused on our users websites!

[Update: I didn't know it at this time, but the nightmare was just about to start! Read more on the next blog post.]

Twitter down due to DDoS attacks

2009-08-06 | Category: General (47)

If your Twitter box is empty please do not despair.
Twitter is down due to DDoS attacks.
Please look at for details.
As Twitter is about to solve the problem your box will soon be filled with content again, we're sure.

Welcome, Wordpress and Users!

2009-07-08 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We've got good news for bloggers:

Using Wordpress?

From now on Wordpress Users can use our service in a search-engine friendly way. They can select a special "Wordpress" option when they have finished creating a new RSSbox. The option only works in combination with a widget we have developed for the self-hosted version of Wordpress 2.8 and greater (available at

» Wordpress widget download and tutorial here


For integrating RSSinclude and there is no need for a special widget, the good old JavaScript integration can be used. However, many bloggers do not know exactly how to use JavaScript. That's why we have put together a tutorial.

» How to include an RSS feed in your blog at / Blogspot

Using a different blogging software?

Are you using a blogging software other than those mentioned above? Are you using or would you like to use our service there? Just tell us, perhaps we can write a tutorial about it too. - please vote for us!

2009-06-20 | Category: General (47)

IMPORTANT: We have been reviewed on Please follow this link and vote for us! (No registration necessary! Just click on the Vote!-Button) Thanks a lot!

Our backlink opens in a new window now...

2009-06-19 | Category: General (47)

Somehow this slipped through since the start of, but our backlink in the free RSSboxes  opens in a new window now. Thanks to Matt A. Tobin who twittered this to us!

So you can keep your visitor in the original browser window (or tab), even if he clicks on our "RSSbox powered by"-link.

Anyway, if you like our service don't forget that we offer a Premium upgrade!