Continuing support for Twitter Feeds

2013-03-11 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

As Twitter plans to retire it's old API - which will remove support for rss feeds - and many of our users have twitter feeds in their RSSboxes we where looking for an alternative.
Twitter provides alternative APIs that are completely incompatible with rss feeds.
We still took the required steps to implement support for this Twitter API.
A very nice side effect is that Twitter updates are much faster now, usually new tweets show up in the box in less than a minute.

How to use if you already have a twitter feed?

If the feed url follows this schema: you don't have to do anything, we will update the feed.

How to use for new twitter feeds?

Simply add a new feed with following urls:

What about other twitter feeds?

At the moment other feeds (like search) are not supported. If you have a need for one contact us.


If you have a problem, question or just like this new feature feel free to contact us.