Don't show errors when using PHP integration

2012-11-08 | Category: General (47)

It can happen that our output servers are offline for some reason and return a blank page or an HTTP 500 Error. (which actually happened yesterday for a short period of time)

To lower the impact of such a problem (which should not happen at all but we still can't exclude) we updated the PHP include code to prevent error messages generated by our system from causing problems in your own PHP code.

For other integration methods you don't have to do anything, the browser will silently ignore the error.

Old Code:

<?php readfile('')?>

New Code:

<?php @readfile('')?>

...or simply generate a new one in the Include tab of your RSSbox

Async JavaScript integration

2012-11-07 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We have been working hard on improving performance for our output servers. And now we implemented another feature that makes the performance of your website completely independet of our output servers.

We implemented a long requested feature: you can now integrate JavaScript asynchronously - the box content is loaded in background while your webpage is already displayed.

To use this method simply choose async JavaScript in the Include tab of your box.

Downside of this method is that your page layout doesn't know about the space the box needs, so you might get flickering. If you don't want that, simply use the old integration method.

Support for relative urls in description

2012-11-07 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Some feeds have in their item description html with relative links. Until now we didn't support that - and those links where output exaclty like in the feed - resulting in broken links.

We now parse those links and add the feed domain in front.

Popular feeds that had this issue where facebook and amazon feeds.

This new feature is active automatically - you might have to save your styling options once to make sure the output cache is cleared.

If you encounter any issues regarding this feature contact us.