Output Servers moved to Amazon Web Services

2012-10-17 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

A huge step for improving the availability and performance of our output servers just went online. We moved to server infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services. This has advantages:

  • everything on AWS is set up redundant, a hardware failure won't cause any downtime
  • the servers are located in US instead of Germany (majority of our users is from the US, so they will get faster output)
  • we can scale horizontally if the output servers get more load (and thus provide always the same performance)

As this is a rather big change, so if you encounter any problems please contact us.

For the curious - this is how the new infrastructure looks like:

Another output server update

2012-10-01 | Category: General (47)

As promised last week we just deployed another performance update to our output servers. Our set of output servers is responsible for actually providing the final HTML code to a huge amount of clients.

What changed this time?

Just one little thing: we enabled gzip compression.

That will result in:

  • faster box loading times (as there is less data to transfer)
  • less bandwith usage for our output servers

The second point is important for our plan to move to the Amazon Server infrastructure as bandwith is pretty expensive there.

Gzip compression is obviously only used if the request header "Accept-Encoding" says the browser supports it. If you despite that encounter any issues please report using  our contact form.