Feed items in desktop feed reader but no items in RSSbox?

2011-03-17 | Category: General (47)

Every now and then we get emails from users who wonder why their RSSbox doesn't show any content whilst their desktop feed reader does. In most of the cases the explanation is quite simple.

Most desktop feed readers have an archive. As this kind of software is installed on your computer such feed readers can store old feed entries on your computer. However, our web-based service does not store old entries. It shows only entries that are currently provided in the source code of a feed.

That's why you might still see entries in your desktop feed reader but not in your RSSbox at RSSinclude.

How can I check whether the feed source code contains any entries?

Most browsers can display the feed and its entries directly within the browser window.

However, if you don't see the feed and its items in your browser it might help to use the feed validation service of W3C to display the source code: