Problems When Using Internet Explorer + Norton

2010-06-14 | Category: General (47)

Some users have complained about strange problems when having installed Norton Internet Security or Norton360 and using Internet Explorer. It seems that some pages and functions on RSSinclude just won't work with this combination.

What does't work?

Some people cannot open the "Include" tab where our users get the include code. Some others cannot delete a feed from the "Input feed" tab. There might be other problems that haven't occured so far. Please let us know if you find one.

Why is that?

Our website is working with AJAX and JSON to save our users a lot of time. Every modern browser supports these technologies to asynchronously load HTML or JS content. However, it seems that Norton is not quite aware of that fact yet. When JSON data is loaded for example to fill the "Include" tab with the correct content Norton corrupts the JSON data. For some reason it thinks this request is bad. It does not in any way distinguish between HTML and JSON (which is Javascript).

Is there a workaround?

Yes, of course. You could switch to another antivirus program, you could switch Norton off while working with or you just use another browser, for examle Mozilla Firefox.

-- Thank you for the hint, Peter