A News Ticker For Your Website

2009-12-18 | Category: Features (19)

The "Simple Ticker Box" shows an RSS feed, one item at a time, in a news ticker style. It comes with two different switching transitions and spices up your website for free!

Try it

If you want to configure and adjust all the properties of your new ticker RSSbox please use the advanced box type "Ticker Box Extended". Extended means:

  • More transition styles
  • Change transition speed and delay
  • Configure all relevant colors
  • Adjust box size to your needs
  • Get rid of our dispensable back-link  ;)

Have a look at some examples here!

The extended version of the ticker box and its new features are only available for premium users. If you are not a premium users already, this could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade  :)  For more information on this topic please visit our upgrade page.