Welcome, Wordpress and Blogger.com Users!

2009-07-08 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We've got good news for bloggers:

Using Wordpress?

From now on Wordpress Users can use our service in a search-engine friendly way. They can select a special "Wordpress" option when they have finished creating a new RSSbox. The option only works in combination with a widget we have developed for the self-hosted version of Wordpress 2.8 and greater (available at wordpress.org).

» Wordpress widget download and tutorial here

Using Blogger.com?

For integrating RSSinclude and blogger.com there is no need for a special widget, the good old JavaScript integration can be used. However, many bloggers do not know exactly how to use JavaScript. That's why we have put together a tutorial.

» How to include an RSS feed in your blog at Blogger.com / Blogspot

Using a different blogging software?

Are you using a blogging software other than those mentioned above? Are you using or would you like to use our service there? Just tell us, perhaps we can write a tutorial about it too.