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2009-06-20 | Category: General (47)

IMPORTANT: We have been reviewed on Please follow this link and vote for us! (No registration necessary! Just click on the Vote!-Button) Thanks a lot!

Our backlink opens in a new window now...

2009-06-19 | Category: General (47)

Somehow this slipped through since the start of, but our backlink in the free RSSboxes  opens in a new window now. Thanks to Matt A. Tobin who twittered this to us!

So you can keep your visitor in the original browser window (or tab), even if he clicks on our "RSSbox powered by"-link.

Anyway, if you like our service don't forget that we offer a Premium upgrade!

You've got mail!

2009-06-19 | Category: General (47)

Now that our systems gives me some additional insight into user behaviour and statistics I started to send out mails to various users asking for their feedback (and I took the chance to beg for some recommendations in their favourite social networks :).

I was stunned about the amount of replies and luckily most of them were positive. Some people also contacted us on Twitter.

Here is some of the feedback (I skipped personal insults and MLM guys trying to sell us "I made $11.567,78 the last week and you can too!" e-books. Tweets are linked back, e-mails are mostly anonymized):

"Took me awhile to find the perfect fit for my site & your code is both easy to use and designer-customizable" - jasoncarpio (via Twitter)

"thank you very much! You provide a great service." - RayBeckerman (via Twitter, yes THE Ray Beckerman from

"I got your email and i really like rssinclude... fits in rather nicely seeing as im using wordpress and a traditional cms" - mattatobin (via Twitter)

"I got that sucker! And I will get you too if you don't stop buzzing around here." - BarackObama (via Twitter) (No, really, I didn't make this up. Believe me! I hope PETA comes to save me... *bzzzz*)

"I love your site. I sent you a message about how your feed generator can also embed video players right in the feed! Awesome! You should tell that to your sites visitors." - via e-mail

"Have created a site for a friend who has a farm in Italy and she's loving tweeting to the site and cant wait for it to go live. Cant in all honesty suggest any improvements/enhancements - it's great as is." - via e-mail

"It is great to see such customer service, even for free users." - via e-mail (Hey! This should not prevent you from upgrading to a Premium account!)

"Thank you for following up on my use of the Twitter rssbox. Firstly, I absolutely love it! Secondly, I love all the current customizations to the skin that can be created. If you haven't already seen it in action check out my site" - via e-mail

"Actually, I'd love to be able to mix up to three feeds in one box, being a small blog I can't really afford the premium package for it. Other than that, great service." - via e-mail

"Hey man, I think the service you offer is awesome! I have it on 2 sites, and will use it everytime I need to display my clients feeds in a structured manner. If I was gonna give you one thing to work it might be making a public plugin for wordpress so all the wordpress users out there could just plugin the mod. That would probably increase your traffic ten fold." - via e-mail (Nice idea, but our admin's afraid the server will burst into flames if our traffic ten-folds!)

If you would like to find your statement added here, please use our contact form our simply reply to the signup confirmation mail you got from us. Or you could just sit back and wait till I write you a mail...