Some limitations for free user accounts

2009-05-20 | Category: General (47)

About 6 weeks after launching this service we are still in the process of finding a good balance between free and paid services. Following the recommended book "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis our basic strategy is to offer as much as possible for free to gain  an ever growing user base.

But since we also offer paid services it is important for us to ensure continuous availability of our system for our Premium accounts. So we took a closer look into the data that we collected during the past weeks and decided to impose some additional limits to free user accounts to avoid a leech of system resources through individual users. This will only affect a very small percentage of current power users with an extraordinary (or should I say extreme) usage behavior.

Count your fingers! With immediate effect...
- 10 is the maximum number of RSSboxes in a free account
- 10 is the maximum number of news items in a free RSSbox

There is a simple and affordable way to get rid of this limitations: Upgrade your account to our Premium plan.

RSSbox optimized for Twitter

2009-05-14 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Looks like Twitter is the biggest thing since growing your own vegetables in your garden. We thought it is time for some tribute and built an RSSbox especially for this service. Go forward, put this birdie in a cage and place it on your website.

The RSSbox for Twitter is optimized for user profile feeds but runs with search result feeds too. There are some improvements we have to add during the coming weeks but right now it works quite well.

One of the downsides is our systems average feed cache time of up to 60 minutes. So if your life depends on publishing your pacemaker malfunction on your website in real real-time you should probably go for another tool (e.g. Twitters own widgets).

Some examples:

BTW, you can use the box for any other feed too. May look a bit strange, but experiment and decide for yourself!

Before I forget: If you use and like our service, please twitter about us!

Twitter optimized RSSbox is coming!

2009-05-02 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We are beta-testing a bunch of new RSSbox templates that will be available next weeks. Among them is an optimized template for the popular Twitter service.

Here is a preview:

Recent update and faster RSSbox delivery

2009-05-01 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We updated the website to version 1.0.3 on Thursday to get rid of one of the biggest performance problems: the (partially) slow server response for RSSbox requests.

Before the update each RSSbox updated its feed content on request if it was older than 60 minutes. If the RSSbox contained multiple feeds or a feed on a slower server this could take several seconds, thus slowing down the loading speed of the embedding website.

Slow loading is history now. With a new caching system we fetch and prepare the content of all feeds in a continous background process. The rate of cache misses on box request decreased dramatically from around 4000 per day before the update to only 56 in total on Friday, the first full day after the update. This equates to about 0,06% of all requests.

So, if speed issues detained you from using an RSSbox for your live website - give it another try!