Include a box in a facebook page

2013-09-27 | Category: Features (19)

In the past including an iframe in a facebook page was easy using the iframe Wrapper tool.
Since a few months this solution isn't working anymore, so we had to look for another way.


You need to have a Facebook Developer Account.
Take a look here how to create one.

Create a facebook page

First of all you have to create a facebook page

  • Go to the Facebook Developer Center
  • Click on apps at the left top corner
  • Then click on Create a new app
  • Fill in a valid Application Name and continue

It's as easy as that.

Detailed Settings

After creating your App note down your APP ID, we will need it later, when we add the App to our Facebook Page.

Set up your Facebook App like the example below:

  • Set the domain to
  • Click on "+ Add Platform" and choose "Pagetab"
  • The Page Tab Name will be displayed on your Facebook Page
  • Set "Page Tab Url" to your RSSbox url
  • Set "Secure Page Tabl Url" to your https RSSbox url

you get your https RSSbox url by using the domain
you can have a look here for detailed information

Adding the Box to a Facebook Page

  • use the following link to add your RSSBox to a Page (instead of "YOUR_APP_ID" use your facebook app id):
  • Click on Add Page Tab


We have successfully added a RSSBox to Facebook!

Picture Box improvements

2013-04-02 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Just a short update:

We improved Picture Box Template behavior for feed items not containing images. With that change empty items won't show up anymore for items that don't contain images. This makes it possible to use feeds where not all items have an image - those will be ignored silently.

Continuing support for Twitter Feeds

2013-03-11 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

As Twitter plans to retire it's old API - which will remove support for rss feeds - and many of our users have twitter feeds in their RSSboxes we where looking for an alternative.
Twitter provides alternative APIs that are completely incompatible with rss feeds.
We still took the required steps to implement support for this Twitter API.
A very nice side effect is that Twitter updates are much faster now, usually new tweets show up in the box in less than a minute.

How to use if you already have a twitter feed?

If the feed url follows this schema: you don't have to do anything, we will update the feed.

How to use for new twitter feeds?

Simply add a new feed with following urls:

What about other twitter feeds?

At the moment other feeds (like search) are not supported. If you have a need for one contact us.


If you have a problem, question or just like this new feature feel free to contact us.

Async JavaScript integration

2012-11-07 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

We have been working hard on improving performance for our output servers. And now we implemented another feature that makes the performance of your website completely independet of our output servers.

We implemented a long requested feature: you can now integrate JavaScript asynchronously - the box content is loaded in background while your webpage is already displayed.

To use this method simply choose async JavaScript in the Include tab of your box.

Downside of this method is that your page layout doesn't know about the space the box needs, so you might get flickering. If you don't want that, simply use the old integration method.

Support for relative urls in description

2012-11-07 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

Some feeds have in their item description html with relative links. Until now we didn't support that - and those links where output exaclty like in the feed - resulting in broken links.

We now parse those links and add the feed domain in front.

Popular feeds that had this issue where facebook and amazon feeds.

This new feature is active automatically - you might have to save your styling options once to make sure the output cache is cleared.

If you encounter any issues regarding this feature contact us.

Output Servers moved to Amazon Web Services

2012-10-17 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

A huge step for improving the availability and performance of our output servers just went online. We moved to server infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services. This has advantages:

  • everything on AWS is set up redundant, a hardware failure won't cause any downtime
  • the servers are located in US instead of Germany (majority of our users is from the US, so they will get faster output)
  • we can scale horizontally if the output servers get more load (and thus provide always the same performance)

As this is a rather big change, so if you encounter any problems please contact us.

For the curious - this is how the new infrastructure looks like:

We now provide SSL/HTTPS output

2011-06-21 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

From now on we provide an SSL (HTTPS) box output for premium users who need to include RSSboxes in intranet systems or websites with SSL encryption.

How does it work?

Create an RSSbox and get the Javascript include code. It will look like this for example:

<script type="text/javascript" 

Replace the first part of the Url with, like this:

<script type="text/javascript" 

We kindly ask our users to only use this SSL output when it is really necessary.

How to Show Dates in RSSboxes

2011-01-17 | Category: Features (19)

If you want add a date or time to your RSSbox you have to use one of our premium templates:

  • Tabloid Extended (can be used as a vertical list if the number of columns is set to 1)
  • Ticker Box Extended
  • Naked HTML

These box types contain a date option in the tab "Content and Styling Options" in the box administration. There you can even choose your preferred timezone and a date or time format that fits your needs.

If you are not a premium user yet you can test-drive our premium service for free here.

Why is my box showing a date in 1969 or 1970?

Sometimes it happens that RSSboxes show dates from long time ago although the articles of the feed have just been published. In this case it is possible that your feed does not contain any date information. If our service does not find any date information it assumes that the date of each item is zero. And for computers, zero very often is January, 1 of the year 1970.

The following code shows a feed item NOT containing any date information:

<title>Lorem ipsum dolor si aptem</title>
<description><![CDATA[Nulla consectetur magna.]]></description>

The feed item above does not contain date information. If you want your RSSbox to show the correct dates you have to add a pubDate element to each feed item. Here is how it should look like:

<title>Lorem ipsum dolor si aptem</title>
<pubDate>Tue, 23 Nov 2010 23:00:00 +0000</pubDate>
<description><![CDATA[Nulla consectetur magna.]]></description>

The difference between the above rss source code snippets is the use of the pubDate tag. If you insert the pubDate tag like this our service (and all other feedreaders) knows when your article has been published and shows the correct date. Read more about the pubDate tag here.

How to Include Flickr Pics

2010-11-24 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

If you have a Flickr Photostream or any other RSS based photostream you can include it in your website by using

Read the full article here.

Yesterday's Major Update

2010-04-02 | Category: General (47), Features (19)

It was a bit busy here yesterday. The major update we were preparing the last three months finally went live. We monitored the system's performance of the past 24 hours we can be quite sure that everything has worked out fine.

After our easter holidays we will describe in detail what is new at Which is for example the new iPhone box template that's usable as a stand-alone-version. Easily convert your website or blog into an iPhone style website:

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