Include a box in a facebook page

2013-09-27 | Category: Features (19)

In the past including an iframe in a facebook page was easy using the iframe Wrapper tool.
Since a few months this solution isn't working anymore, so we had to look for another way.


You need to have a Facebook Developer Account.
Take a look here how to create one.

Create a facebook page

First of all you have to create a facebook page

  • Go to the Facebook Developer Center
  • Click on apps at the left top corner
  • Then click on Create a new app
  • Fill in a valid Application Name and continue

It's as easy as that.

Detailed Settings

After creating your App note down your APP ID, we will need it later, when we add the App to our Facebook Page.

Set up your Facebook App like the example below:

  • Set the domain to
  • Click on "+ Add Platform" and choose "Pagetab"
  • The Page Tab Name will be displayed on your Facebook Page
  • Set "Page Tab Url" to your RSSbox url
  • Set "Secure Page Tabl Url" to your https RSSbox url

you get your https RSSbox url by using the domain
you can have a look here for detailed information

Adding the Box to a Facebook Page

  • use the following link to add your RSSBox to a Page (instead of "YOUR_APP_ID" use your facebook app id):
  • Click on Add Page Tab


We have successfully added a RSSBox to Facebook!